Quality is our fundamental commitment. It is reflected in all aspects of our activity and we are committed to:

  • Offer comprehensive quality training to develop the technical, technological, social, linguistic and personal skills of our students, to successfully face the challenges of the present and future world of work, and to be responsible citizens committed to sustainable development and coexistence in an inclusive and fair society.
  • Promote continuous improvement in all our processes and services to adapt to the changing needs of students, companies, society and the environment.
  • Foster a culture of quality in which all members of the centre are committed to the integral development of our students, the defence of our values, the revitalisation of the Basque language, the responsible use of technology and collaboration with external agents.
  • Work as a team to achieve our quality objectives, working actively with social agents, companies and the environment, and putting our values into practice in all our interactions.
  • Effectively communicate our quality policy to all employees, students, companies, families and stakeholders.
  • Periodically review the quality policy to ensure its currency, effectiveness and alignment with our objectives, approaches and values.

We use the Integrated Management System to achieve our quality objectives. We base ourselves on the international standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001.

This quality policy is the frame of reference for all the actions carried out at CIFP Don Bosco LHII. Our responsibility is to guarantee its effective compliance and to contribute to the achievement of our objective and vision. To this end, we will always focus on the integral development of our students, the defence of our values and active collaboration with social agents, companies and the environment.

We invite the educational community (all staff, students, families, companies and social agents) of CIFP Don Bosco LHII to commit themselves to our quality policy in order to build together a magnificent centre of Vocational Training, an international and domestic reference.