METHODOLOGY: A different learning model

Aprendizaje basado en Retos

The central element on which the whole learning model is based is CHALLENGE-BASED COLLABORATIVE LEARNING.

A problem situation is posed, the transformation towards a challenge is carried out, as well as the whole process until a result is obtained. The challenge is structured on the basis of both the technical and specific competences of each cycle, as well as those transversal competences that have a strategic character at this moment, such as: autonomy in learning, teamwork, orientation towards extraordinary results, etc….

The problem situations, in all cases, are posed to a class configured in teams, where the work process must enable the students to experience the situation as a challenge and, from there, they must have the opportunity to generate the necessary knowledge that allows them to provide the best solutions.


Students are responsible for their own learning. This challenge-based learning provides a scenario and a moment in which students, individually and as a team, take action and produce a result. This result is interpreted, what worked and what did not work is analysed, and what will be done differently in the next challenge is decided in order to approach an evolution-oriented evaluation.


  • Intermodularity
  • Self-managed cycle teaching teams
  • Development-oriented assessment
  • Adequacy of learning spaces