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Environmental commitment of CIFP Don Bosco LHII of Errenteria


Among the functions of the CIFP Don Bosco LHII of Errenteria and Tolosa are the educational offer, providing both formal and informal training.

We are aware that the services offered in the CIFP Don Bosco LHII of Errenteria and Tolosa, like all human activity, interact with the environment and produce environmental impacts. We also believe that the incorporation of environmental values to the educational values of the teaching activity is necessary and consistent.

For this reason, we are committed to expand our contribution to the sustainable development of our activity, assuming the commitment to prevent pollution and including the environment in the daily management of our organization, improving our environmental performance day by day.

We commit ourselves to identify and evaluate our main environmental aspects, and to train our employees on the aspects related to our activity and their functions, raising their awareness so that their behavior in the workplace reflects our commitment.

Achieving continuous environmental improvement, in addition to the adequacy of environmental legislation until compliance, is one of our challenges for which we will define and review annually objectives, goals and environmental programs to reduce the main aspects.

Date: 01/07/2018

Carlos Lizarbe de Luis

Director of CIFP Don Bosco LHII 

EA30  2021-2022