Prácticas en Empresa

Training for workers. A set of training actions aimed at both the improvement of skills and qualifications and the requalification of workers, which make it possible to make the greater competitiveness of companies compatible with social, professional and personal promotion.

The Certificate of Vocational Qualification or Partial Cumulative Training carried out through continuous training actions that comply with the provisions of the National System of Qualifications and Vocational Training may be accreditable.

Through the activities of these training programmes, workers and unemployed people have the opportunity to update their knowledge, broaden their competences, acquire new skills and improve their chances of finding a job.

Training can help companies to increase their competitiveness by keeping their employees active in their professional development.


“Training for employment has no costs for the worker since it is 100% subsidized because it is part of the Labor Benefit plan of the Basque Country through lanbide”