Misión y Valores

Our mission is to offer students a comprehensive quality training, guaranteeing the acquisition of social and technical skills. We aim to facilitate the professional integration of students in order to respond to the needs of society and the different industrial sectors of the area of influence.


We want to be an internationally recognised centre of reference for being a dynamic and  innovative organisation that collaborates with companies, based on a participative operating model that enables people’s personal and professional development.

  • Human relationship: The development of a quality teaching based on trust, empathy, solidarity and respect among people working in a team for a common good.
  • Involvement: CIFP Don Bosco is made up of people who are motivated and involved in our work, with critical-constructive skills.
  • Innovation: At CIFP Don Bosco we seek to adapt to changes in our area of influence through a continuous process  of improvement.
  • Equity: Our aim is to achieve a community where equality among people is paramount, taking into account the diversity of our area and seeking their integration into society.
  • Sustainability: Environmental, social and economic sustainability are basic values in the day to day life of our centre.
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