In collaboration with other educational centres and promoted by the Vice-Ministry of Vocational Training

Botikak 3D





Development of precision pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and dermo-cosmetic formulations using 3D printing for customised needs. CIFP Don Bosco LHII
IES Francisco de Vitoria BHI


Research and development of innovative formulations of different types using bioprinting techniques for the administration of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and dermo-cosmetic active ingredients. Study of the needs that could be covered by the use of formulations obtained through 3D printing. Development of formulations that promote learning and transfer between VET centres in the Basque Country, universities and companies.

Project collaborators:
Domotek Ingeniería Prototyping and Training S.L.
i+Med S.COOP
Ekolber Ingeniería del Caucho y Plástico de Colágeno S.L.
Mª Natividad Suarez Pharmacy
Rheology and Advanced Manufacturing Group of POLYMAT (EHU/UPV)

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